Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness #3

Hi Stunners!
One day I will start this blog without an apology. Today is not that day though LOL! Sorry I'm late again but you know me well enough by now (insert innocent and cheeky grin)
I popped back down from the coast as I got bored with the wips that I brought up with me so instead of sitting around for a week and not stitching I decided to make the 2 hour trek back home and get more craft!!! Never said I was sane.
At least that means I can post the GG SAL whilst I have access to a computer. I know that some of you can blog from your phone but I do not possess that talent aka patience.
So just a quickie for today
I worked on Eclectic Blokes Designs "Room with a View" by Paul Richmond. It is a very tenuous link to a gift but as Neil the designer passed away earlier this month I wanted to pay tribute to him, and to display his talent at charting. And as I said in the previous post Neil was an absolute treasure and a gift to me.
I've named this piece "Harry". As he looks like the kind of guy that tries to fix things but he seems a little hopeless but his heart's in the right place. Sorry did I say hopeless I meant to say "hot" :D

And yes stunners that is a page finish!! Woo Hoo. Only a few more to go now. Ha ha.
Also as part of the Gift post. My cousin had a baby boy (well his wife did) on the 10th March and they named him Hugo. So I started a sampler for them and it will be a Christmas Present because I know what I'm like and this will give me a bit of time. 
I started this last night. Apologies for the bad pic but I left my camera up the coast so had to rely on the phone. I'm changing the colours as I go as it's a little too pastel for my liking and with a name like Hugo I'm sure this kids going to be a bold one. I'm using a mix of normal DMC and also variegated thread from Fiberlicious Threads which I won from Nguyen's giveaway on Facebook and  I've used it for the flower so far. I'm working this bad boy on 14ct aida  limited edition from my lovely boys at Sew it all. The fabric was gift from them so this one fits this SAL to a tee!! 
 Here is the original kit pic.

That's all from me for now. I'll be heading back up the coast on Monday for another week or so. But tomorrow night I have set aside a few hours to read everyone's blogs and catch up with all your emails. You guys are so awesome at commenting and are such great support. I love reading all your comments you're all absolute comedians and you truly crack me up. It's fantastic. I do apologise for my lack of reciprocation but I endeavour to rectify this. Please please forgive me.
Take care my lovely stunning stunners. I wish you only magical moments.
xoxo Alicia


  1. Harry looks great! I only very recently discovered Neil's designs. They are so different to other charts, such a sad loss.
    I like Hugo's sampler. Are those hearts printed on the fabric? They look great!

  2. Oh my Alicia. I do love Harry. It looks like such a fun stitch and that lime green is my favorite color. Is this chart still available? Love your new start.


  3. Looks great! Blogging on your phone is easy if you have the app. You just have to use pics from your phone.

  4. Harry has a good butt, must be fun to stitch a guy. There is not many charts out there with a men in it like this. Sweet baby sampler, they will love it I'm sure. Well done on your page finish.

  5. I love that you started with the page of his bum :D
    Great progress!!! and that's a really cute sampler!

  6. Bootyiful page finish Princess. The sampler is adorable. Enjoy the rest of the week:)

  7. Harry is looking great! And the birth sampler will be lovely too. Just don't get them muddled up!

    As you've got computer issues I will link this post for you on the March linky page. Because I'm nice like that. Don't want you to have another two hour trip just to link up!

  8. Congrats on the page finish. Love the new baby sampler as well.

  9. Great progress on Harry! The most interesting page in the design, don't you think?? So cheek-y :P
    Love the little sampler for baby Hugo!! So sweet

  10. A great update =) I decided to sign up for the gifted gorgeousness SAL as well, I really love the idea (and wouldn't know about it without you, so thanks for sharing) =) I hope to see more if Harry soon ;-)

  11. Great page finish, I love how you decided to do the most naughty part first!

    Congratulations on the new arrival! I love babies, although sadly mine are going to be of the four legged furry variety...although I guess nothing to stop me doing birth samplers for them!! Great choice of design and fabric...and threads!

    I'd just stop apologising, if your posts weren't late it just wouldn't be you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Love ya Sweetie x

  12. Great progress on cheeky Harry. And a gorgeous birth sampler too. Let's see if you can finish it by Christmas! :)


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