Tuesday, March 10, 2015

YOTA - March

Hi Stunners!

My first YOTA for the year as I joined in late and I'm proud to say it's only 3 days late, which is amazeballs for me! I'm getting better :D
In a bid to try and get the HAED SAL's that I have outstanding they will be my YOTA charts.
The one I worked on for March is HAED QS Theatre of the Absurd which was the 2013 BB Freebie SAL. I'm working on page 2 of 4 and it's now referred to as "The Absurdly Never-ending Page". I was hoping to get it finished....


For next YOTA I may continue with this bad boy to try and get the finish or I may switch to my other YOTA project. QS Fragile Heart which is from the (gulp...and hangs head in shame) 2011 SAL.  I have the 3 partial pages on the second row to go on her. This is where I have left her:
Let me know if you have a preference of which you would like to see worked on. It will help me to decide too!
Rest in Peace - Neil Bray
Some of you will know that Neil Bray from Eclectic Blokes Design passed away on the 3rd March 2015, after losing his battle with cancer. I have only known him for a short time but we became instant buddies and have had loads of chats and laughs together.  I have been absolutely heartbroken and inconsolable over his death as I truly believed in my heart that he would beat it. In commemoration of this top bloke I am dedicating this month to him and will focus on his designs.
At the moment I'm working on "Room with a View" by Paul Richmond, as it's such a cheeky design - yep pun intended - and it reminds me so much of Neil's mischievous sense of humour. Love you mate , thank you for being an amazing friend and I hope you know how much you have touched people's hearts as well as introducing us to a myriad of brilliant artists that we would never have known if it weren't for you. R.I.P beautiful man!

I decided to start from the middle as I couldn't wait to stitch the tool man and I didn't want to have to wade through all that lime background to get to him. It's totally circumstantial that the middle was right on his butt!!! But not complaining either LOL!!! I bet Neil charted it this way on purpose. Told you he was cheeky. He will feature in my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL this week as Neil was a gift to me.
Take care my beautiful and stunning followers and guest stars.
Have a magical week and embrace life to the fullest. Try not to get bogged down with life's pettiness but love big, smile and laugh a lot!!
Big hugs xox Alicia



  1. Well done for the (nearly) on time post! You've made some progress on TOTA, well done! I love the 2 designs and it would be really hard to choose between the 2, but I think you should try for a finish!

    I love that you are spending this month dedicating your stitching time to Neil. Although his body may be gone, his spirit will be with you, particularly when you stitch any of the designs he created!

    Enjoy the break! <3 you Sweetie x

  2. Stitching a butt!! What a great way to remember your friend. It is so hard when people go before their time. People really should die in order when they have lived long happy lives.
    I think you should press on with the Absurd next month and get that page finish.

  3. o myyyy, what a place to start a stitch! So fabulous. :D It's a great way to remember your friend, too.

    I will cast a vote for Absurd because a page finish is a magical thing and it'll be doubly so because it was never-ending!

  4. Great progress on your YOTA piece this month. Both charts are amazing. maybe see if you can finish the page and then switch. love your new start, what a great idea to remember a dear friend.

  5. Sorry for your loss Alicia but (haha) great design. I'm sure the only reason you started there was to work on the toolbelt. Mmmmhmmm. Sending hugs :)

  6. Love your Marchetti! Wonderful work!

  7. LOL!! What a great chart!!! And you had to start right where the fun is :D

  8. Cheeky! Great way to remember your friend. I love both of your HAEDs but would vote for the Marchetti page finish before you swap.

  9. Cheeky! Great way to remember your friend. I love both of your HAEDs but would vote for the Marchetti page finish before you swap.

  10. Cheeky! Great way to remember your friend. I love both of your HAEDs but would vote for the Marchetti page finish before you swap.

  11. I love your work on Theatre =) I haven't touched mine in a while, I think I should do so to have something to show for next YOTA :D I think theatre and Fragile heart would be great projects to work on, so I am looking forward to seeing progress on either of them (but Theatre would hopefully motivate me to talk to it...)
    I was really sorry to hear about Neil. I think you chose a great way to honor him (and a fantastic starting point ;-) )

  12. Great cheeky progress. Neil will be very missed by a lot of people. xx

  13. Neil must be smiling at you from the heaven looking at your start. I'll be starting Ballons sur Paris soon which you RAK'd to me .

  14. I adore the designs of Ciro Marchetti, love your stitching !


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