Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness and IHSW #2

Hi Stunners!!

Sorry I'm a bit late but I thought I would post the GG and IHSW together. 

But firstly, welcome to all my newest followers. It always surprises me to see that I have more than 1 follower so I'm really honoured to have you guys on aboard the goodship Crafty Princess and I appreciate your followship and friendship.

Secondly, The Hoffs asked where I bought the Needle Minders from. They are from Lisa Simmons owner of "No More Lost Needles" facebook page. You have to join the group and then you can buy direct from her. But be warned Lisa  has oodles and oodles of brilliant minders. I'm totally addicted and own and ordered more than I'll ever need! LOL! But hey that's what us crafters do, right?

Ready for the cross stitch stuff?


For GG SAL, I started the Large World Travel Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart from HAED. The gift part was from my beautiful friend Nina (Pistot-stitches) who kindly gave me gift voucher for www.sewitall.com.au and made it possible to buy this massive piece of 22ct white hardanger fabric. Thank You Nina!!!

I chose The Dr and the Tardis for my Needleminders to accompany this piece as they are the ultimate World Travellers. And as for the Hardcore Cross stitcher minder, well a stitch that consists of 122 pages makes the grade of Hardcore!!! :D 

I've started on the second shelf as I've been to all those countries and places except the one on the end. Does anyone know that castle or at least the country? I couldn't figure it out! 


For the IHSW I managed to complete a full column over the weekend. Big apologies but I absolutely forgot to photograph the start point. This is HAED So Many Books So Little Time. I'm working this bad boy on 28ct white evenweave. I know weird for me right? But I just couldn't wait to order a hand dyed fabby and I already had this in my stash.  Love Love Love how the stonework is stitching up, I think it looks very realistic, even close up. 


In my defence I saw this Wicked Dragon stitched up whilst watching a parking tutorial posted on YouTube by a fellow Aussie named Carolyn Mazzeo. Here's the link, it's quite a good guide on parking anyway if you're interested.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdp4-traCo4. It looks absolutely dazzling finished and I love the artist Kayomi Harai and HAED had a 50% sale...The signs were all pointing towards "BUY IT"

Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon

And I didn't want him to be lonely so I bought his brothers to play with him

Red Dragon
Red Dragon

White Dragon

Astraea - Rachel Anderson

This beautiful fairy was a RAK from the very fabulous Sabrina Fire Goddess. It wasn't on my WL she just thought I would love it and I doooooooo!! Such a bright and generous star she is!! 
Lily - Babette VanDenBerg

This is SK Evil Queen! Nina and I both agree that even though we loved the full version we knew we wouldn't stitch it and the QS cropped that beautiful cloak. So when the SK was released it was perfect for us. Nina is way ahead of me but as we are starting at different sections our wips are going to be different anyway. Here's Nina's blog again but I'm not sure if she has posted any wips yet!  (Pistot-stitches

Storykeep Evil Queen

And then there were these!!! You know those wips that go on and off your Wishlist, well at 50% I thought ehh why not!!! 


Ok stunners that's all I got at the moment! . I'm going to be busy over the next 4 or so weeks as....I'm on HOLIDAYS!!!!  I'm heading up to Fingal Bay at Port Stephens. My parents own a permanent van at the Park right across the road from the beach. And as it's Australia and I think all Aussies will now be able to survive on the surface of the Sun after experiencing our Summer heat waves...Autumn will still be hot enough to swim in the beautiful ocean. So 4 weeks of stitching, swimming and seafood and wine....I can't wait 2 more shifts to go and I'm outta here. 

Love you guys and I'm off to check out your blogs and see how you all got on for the GG and IHSW and general stitching life. 

Take care and I wish you all a magical time 
xoxo Alicia 


  1. Love love love all your projects especially bookshelf holy cow! I haven't made the dive into Haed yet but my wish list has i think 50 charts at last count? I have bookshelf and the jinn on there. Love seeing your progress

  2. Wonderful progress Alicia. Love all of your new charts. Have fun on vacation.


  3. Wow Alicia great progress on your pieces. Love all your new stash. Oh you lucky thing, 4 weeks in glorious sunshine, I'm so jealous :) I hope you have an amazing holiday.

  4. WOW! That is all I can say......

    Ok, maybe a few more things :P You always pick the most amazing projects to work on. Great progress :)

    You are as bad as me for resisting sales :P Great picks! Just wondering , who the artist is for the one below the Poppy JBG one?

    Have an amazing time on your holiday. Hope you enjoy the break :)

  5. So much new stash and all HAED!!!! Wow!! Have fun :D
    Great progress on your stitching, your charts are just fantastic.

  6. Great progress and gorgeous new stash..... as usual. I if only there were enough lifetimes to stitch everything! :)

  7. Great progress Alicia. I agree that stone work looks fabulous, so realistic. You have some wonderful new stash and some very generous friends!

  8. I so love your blog, I always find myself waiting for your next post. Great progress, I love the books with the dragons. Might have to put it on my wish list.

  9. The stonework looks great(and bet you know how many shades of gray DMC have now lol). Beautiful new charts as always and I hope you have a fantastic holiday and even maybe find a hot merman swimming around;)

  10. This will have to be an early GG post for this month! Which is good.
    The stonework is amazing, so realistic.
    You have chosen some incredible charts to add to your ever growing stash pile too! The artwork is amaizng. Do they have really nice photos as covers? You could just download those and decorate your walls while you stitch the actual pieces!

  11. Lots of gorgeous stiching and new charts.

  12. Such beautiful purchases! I especially love the Evil Queen! I have both of those HAEDs that you are stitching in my stash to start someday and looking at yours might make me want to soon!

  13. Great work on your stitching =)
    I imagine the fabric of World Traveler to be huge in 22ct! The large bookshelves are amazing, but they are so big. I figured out, that if I stitched them on 28ct (big projects never really stopped me, lol), they still wouldn't fit my 36" frame, but I also think that stitching them with a Qsnap would nit work for me because the babric is heavy (due to size) and it's in the way. So how do you manage this? The fabric must be way more bigger in 22ct...

    I love the new additions to your stash, especially the Winter Fairy =)

    4 weeks off and time for stitching and swimming sound amazing, I could use that, too... I hope you enjoy a wonderful and relaxing time =)

  14. o man, all those awesome HaEDs!! I saw the Maleficent piece and loved it immediately. I had not seen that they released a SK though, much better than the QS. I couldn't find a larger picture of the Bookshelf; I thought maybe the books beside that unknown castle would give a clue.

    4 weeks of stitching and living it up near the ocean! Color me jealous for sure. :D Enjoy~

  15. Here is the list Aimee Stewart posted her Facebook page.

    Left to right, top to bottom

    India (Taj Mahal), Russia (St. Basil's Cathedral), Peru (Machu Piccu), Cambodia (Angor Wat)
    Paris (Eiffel Tower), London (Big Ben/Clock Tower), Italy (Venice and Pisa), France (Mount Michel)
    Japan (Kyoto), Egypt (Great Pyramids), Nepal (Mount Everest)
    San Francisco USA (Golden Gate Bridge), New York USA (Statue of Liberty), Germany (Lichtenstein Castle)

    Hope that helps!

  16. What amazing WIPS you have! I love your blog


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