Sunday, April 3, 2011

A gift for Princess and some Wips

Wow can't believe it's been 2 weeks. Time can really fly and it's hard to ascertain what exactly I've been up to that I haven't blogged for 2 weeks. Well it hasn't been stitching unfortunately. The only real stitching I've managed to get done has been whilst at work. Love that paid employment that allows you to stitch as well as servicing the community. Ooh that sounds a little suspect but its really above board. Just ask Mrs. Dibble.

I worked on Spring to Life mainly because it coincided with the HAED SAL theme of Seasons but also because I love all the colours. I will have to put her down for this week as it's the Freebie SAL week and I really haven't done as much on Fragile Heart as I would have liked. And sob sob I'm about to sit down and do a bit of frogging on her. Due to a batch colour discrepancy for the skin I really couldn't let it go. I wish I hadn't stitched as much before deciding the colour lot was too different. So sadly I have to frog about 600 stitches otherwise she looks like she has a dirty nose. Oh well I am armed with a bottle of Tempus Two chardonnay and the house to myself. Which is a good thing as no one likes the sound of a Princess crying.

Probably the highlight of the week was meeting up with my parents in Fingal Bay and taking the brand new car for it's first long drive. She held up beautifully and I was even more proud that I didn't smoke at all whilst driving. Yay Princess!!

Also I here is a picture of my new bobbins chest. I thought I was well overdue for a present to myself so I indulged in a wooden bobbin chest. It's so beautiful. It will (eventually) hold the bobbins that I have finished with when a project has been completed. So will be empty for a bit LOL!! Hopefully the bobbins from Faces of Faery 88 will be it's first guests in June. It holds 450 bobbins...sweeetttt!

I managed to get 2000 stitches put into Spring to Life for the week so happy at least about that. Which means I'm very near to completing page 4. Can I hear another YAY!  Also managed to finish all the confetti stitches on faeries left eye and now she has 2 eyebrows...I think another "oh yeah!!" for that achievement.

Spring to Life - working on Page 4
But back to another Hannah Lynn for the week. Here's a photo of her pre frog, can you see the difference in the colour. Hint it's the last column down her face. It probably doesn't look so bad in the photo but in reality it's just too noticeable for my liking. And though at times I cut corners essentially I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my cross stitching and I can't let it go. Plus she is too beautiful to let her down now!! That baleful eye stares out at me and the guilt sets in. So I will do her the honour of fixing her makeup afterall next to cross stitch makeup is another obsession of mine, which is how I got the nickname of Princess at work in the first place.


Faces of Faery 88
Once I have finished FOF 88 I will definitely get back to my rotation. I got caught up with the HAED SAL's and abandoned it. But this means that I only work on HAED's. Though I love them, I truly adore and miss my other projects namely my Scarlet Quince project - Medea, which is a woman that poisoned her treacherous lover (what is there not to love about that???) and my Golden Kite project - Coign of Vantage. These projects involve alot of blended colours which is 2 strands of 2 different colours for one stitch and that provides a level of challenge that HAED doesn't. One day I will purchase the Coign of Vantage offered by HAED and complete it as well. Just as an experiment to see whether blending works better than the use of just solid colours. Why you may ask well the answer is in my profile. I am a lunatic. But hopefully in a good way! LOL!

Happy stitching everyone and enjoy everything you do this week.
xoxo Alicia

My quote for the week is :

I wish I was a glow worm,
A glow worm's never glum.
'Cos how can you be grumpy
When the sun shines out your bum!
~Author Unknown


  1. Great work on your projects! I love the colours on "Spring to Life", the blue shades are so beautiful!
    I'm a bit jealous looking at your bobbin chest, it's so pretty, and all the room for bobbins!

  2. I'm sorry about your frogging, princess. I had my lot too on the wizard :( But your progress is great for two weeks stitching! By the way, I WANT a job where I can stitch and a chest like yours: I want to be a princess!!!! Good luck with your projects to come

  3. I will happily give witness to the fact that the Princess was at work "servicing the community" - which does in fact sound VERY suspect - but so was I - and we both managed to get a bit of stitching done!!!!!

  4. Thanx stunners! Yes the bobbin chest is gorgeous. I wish it came in other colours namely PINK!! But it was an indulgence and as I am single and childless (thank god and all the fairies) I believe it was well deserved. I just realised looking at the pic that the bed cover was from my childhood - a long long long time ago that my mother has kept. Bless her. God it's so awful though. LOL xoxo Alicia

  5. Anojaa it's easy to be a Princess, you just learn to love everything about yourself including flaws which aren't really flaws cos their perfect for you. LOL Hope this helps in first lesson of Princess 101!


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