Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on my Hannah's!

This fortnight appears to have become a Hannah Lynn fortnight! Possibly due to having the second page of "Fragile Heart" sent to us by HAED in the first week of March. I managed to get 2 and a half columns completed but I was a little side tracked by the delivery of my new car. It's so beautiful and the colour matches the background of "Spring to Life" (DMC 995) love that blue!

So here are my girls....

Spring to Life
Pages 3 and 6 complete

The pic for Spring to Life doesn't do the colours justice. They are so vibrant in reality but this could possibly be that I took the photo at night under the daylight lamp. Next time I won't be so impatient and just wait till the next morning to do it. As for Fragile Heart - the little heart on her forehead and the white bits on her eyeball has sparkly Krenik thread on it which doesn't show up in the pic either. I will have to ask my photographer friend Danni Nix how to photograph these Wips' to reflect their real colours and bling bling.

Had a busy week with my return to work on the 6th March. Though not a bad thing as I missed my team and since I can cross stitch at work it wasn't a chore to have to go back.

Thursday I went to the Craft show at Rosehill racecourse with mummy (aka Crafty Queen - good one Mrs D), Mrs Dibble and Jen. I refused to make promises to myself to NOT buy any more charts or kits because I knew I would. Although in my defence I went to buy fabric for 5 new charts I have in my stash however, Stitches and Spice didn't have a stall at the show (pout pout). So I had to spend my hard earned cash on something. SO you guessed it I bought 3 new kits from the "gorjuss" range, 2 small Gold dimensions kits, and a Heaven and Earth designs chart by Steve A Roberts - Lady in the Woods. I seem to like this forest and woods theme.

Luckily, Wayne and Pete from had their stall there. They are these 2 awesome guys who sell a variety of fabrics in a variety of colours. Pete even developed and patented his own stitching frame - I think it's called grab and stitch or something like that where it actually pierces the fabric so unlike Qsnaps it always remains taunt without any adjustment required. Wayne is the mathematical genius who can calculate fabric sizes for different counts in seconds without a calculator.

They both think Mrs Dibble and I are crazy to even attempt HAED charts so they were flabbergasted when Mrs. D divulged that I had 15 in my rotation. So promises were made (not by me mind you but somehow I am involved!!!) that by the next show which is in June we will both have to produce a finished cross stitch. So I will be working hard on Faces of Faery 88 as it's the closest to finishing and ironically it is being stitched on the fabric "purple haze" which I bought from Pete and Wayne last year at the show. Good god another deadline!!!
Lady of The Woods
Lady of the Woods

Gorjuss Girls :-  Puddles of Love; Ruby; Winter Friend

Gorjuss - Puddles of LoveGorjuss - RubyGorjuss - Winter Friend

All in all it was a great day and when I got home my new car had arrived so had all these new toys to play with.

Truly awesome week!

Happy stitching everyone and love to you all!

xoxo Alicia


  1. I really love the Gorjuss Girls! I'll have to search for, if I can find them online. And good luck to your goal to finish a HAED by June! :) I'd faint if I had a deadline like that. LOL.

    And your Fragile Heart looks amazing, the heart on her forehead makes me want to stitch mine!

  2. Thanx Nina! The Gorjuss range can be found on it's an Aussie site but they may post worldwide. Anyway at least it's a start for your search. They really do look "gorjuss" stitched up. The stall owner had them completed and framed on the wall which is why I couldn't resist them.

    Good luck with Fragile Heart she is so much fun to stitch isn't she?

    xo Alicia

  3. Hi! You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award :) You can find more about it here:

  4. I've just looked through your blog and you have so many gorgeous designs on the go, how do you keep track? I've got four in rotation and that's about as much as I can cope with, just giving a week each to each one.
    They all look brilliant though and I'm generally very jealous of all of them.
    I've just received Gorjuss - Ruby and am debating when I'll get a chance to stitch it. So much stitching, so little time.

  5. I keep track by having a 15 week rotatioin. If you have look at my first post in 2010 "Getting started" it kinda of explains it. But saying that I have yet to stick to it. LOL! I think I lasted about 4 weeks. I have a decorated list on my chart holder of all my projects and I loosely follow the rotation. You haven't seen all my projects yet cos I only post on them when I am stitching on them for the week so some have yet to see the light of this blog. Poor buggers. Thanks for looking and commenting. Take care - happy stitching Alicia xo

  6. Hi from a new follower, I was intrigued by your post on Demeter's blog about how many HAEDs you had on the go and just had to come and see for myself!
    Happy Stitching, Jo


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