Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My heart is heavy as I write this. As my previous entry I mentioned that I had to frog approx 600 stitches on Fragile Heart. Well I completely and utterly screwed up. I had managed to frog about 450 stitches when I got a tad impatient and started to snip. And yes you guessed it I managed to snip a massive hole in the fabric.

So after many tears and glasses of wine and a phone call to my mummy I googled fix its for holes. I tried glueing , weaving excess fibers from the edge and crossed my fingers. The next day when the glue dried I tried to stitch through it and.....sob, cry, throw things, stamp foot,  it didn't work. Now the poor fragile hearter looks like she had a bad nose job done by a backyard quack.

So today I drove out to my local craft shop bought some black dye and will have to (wail wail more sobbing) RESTART!! I decided to stick to 22ct hardanger but will try it on dark/black fabric so it will kinda feel like a new start on a new project and not a (gulp) restart. I'm hoping all that vibrant pink will just pop on a black fabric. Had to dye it as I have over 2 metres of the stuff and no one sells black 22ct fabric anywhere!!!!

Very very sad Princess this week .

So no progress on this weeks HAED Freebie SAL in fact I'm 2 pages behind now. All good I think I will buy another chart or two from the HAED sale to cheer myself up.

There feeling better already!

I hope everyone else is having a much better crafty time this week than me. Love u all!

Alicia xo


  1. Oh no!! How horrible!
    And how brave of you to just go ahead and take action to (re)start it!

  2. oh no! utter devastation.. glad to hear you've decided to try again.. its a beautiful piece.. I think it will look gorgeous on black :)

  3. Oh no, I think I would have lost heart in the whole design and not be brave enough to restart it. I do think it will be lovely on the black though!

  4. Aww thanx guys for your support and kind comments. I don't have the heart to abandon her afterall her heart is fragile! LOL! Yeah I think the black will be good. I just pulled it out of the washing machine and was pleasantly surprised it really is black. Now don't have to look for sites that sell black 22ct which is my preferred fabby. I really enjoyed stitching her(not that I wanted to do it all over again by any stretch) but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so they say! And thank god for chardonnay!
    Take care stunners
    xo Alicia

  5. I'm sorry about the whole hole story, she was so cute! Really glad you are starting her again. Think of it as part of a bigger scheme: Fragile heart has to be stitched on black, because she will look all the more stunning! Well sorry, I'm not really good at comforting. You really are brave: in your place, I would have shamelessly cried and discarded the whole thing for a while. Happy stitching

  6. I have heard one piece of advice, although I've never tried it.
    Cut a small piece of fabric big enough to cover the hole and tack it onto the back, so the holes are lined up, then stitch over it and you existing fabric, so that exentually the tacked fabric is firmly attached and stitched over. The only thing I can think of is that there might be a slight dip in the material where the stitching's been done.

  7. Thanx Anojaa just commenting and offering your condolences is great comfort indeed. Xo

    Kim I tried it, it was my second attempt at fixing after the gluing and weaving of excess fibres failed. It's now why she looks like she had a bad nose job. LOL! It's a good theory though but in reality it just didn't work. I think my fabric was already stressed from all the frogging anyway so it was a little too fragile (pun not intended) to cope with too much more tweeking. Sigh it's all good at least it happened now and not on page 6 - good god I think I would have given up then. Thanx for commenting and for the advice - truly appreciate it. xo Alicia

  8. Oh No! A restart.......My heart goes out to you Princess........I would hate that to happen. Go Shopping at HAE! I would!

  9. Aww! That's too bad.
    I once cut a finished piece, when I had the backing fabric on top of my stitched piece, duh!!!!
    Awesome HAED WIP's


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