Saturday, May 5, 2018

April Adventures!

Hi Stunners

As promised this is what I got up to cross stitch wise in March and April.

I will start with the successes. March was mainly taken up with Snow White by Gecko Rouge (retired). I finally completed the 2 pages on Snow White. And very excited to report that I have reached one of the dwarves. He is not my favourite one but just happy to get to him, nevertheless. That's his head near Snow's elbow. I really enjoyed working on this and looking forward to her next turn in the rotation! I have decided to always complete 2 pages on her before moving on as I really really want to finish this one.

April was taken up with 2 wips mainly. Heaven on Earth by Mystic Stitch and Alisha by HAED.

I'm very happy with my progress on Alisha, not so much on Heaven. The confetti got the better of me, though I do love the colours. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a page finish before moving onto Alisha. Oh well there's always next time. 

Heaven on Earth


Once I finish the feathers, Page 1 will be complete and due to the diagonal stitching I've actually started page 3. I'm going to keep going till I finish all 3 pages.  I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this. I would love to continue but I can hear the other babies spitting their dummies and stamping their feet with impatience. So I have promised to move on soon as it's getting really noisy in the craft room! 

What's in store for May Mayhem? 

I will be working on TOTA simulateously with Alisha for this month. This is where I'm currently at with this wip.

And then it's back to Carnival Moon. This is another wip that I haven't stitched on since 2016. What the hell was I doing last year??? Both these wips are up to page 3 and I'm determined to finish them in May. 

That's all I have to report at this time stunners. And I waited until the 4th of May to post just so I could say "May the fourth be with you"  Happy Star Wars day Stunners!!!!

Take care everyone and may life be magical for you

xo Alicia


  1. Fantastic progress on all of them Alicia. It's hard to pick a favorite.


  2. Great progress on all your big huge Wips. Happy stitching in Maynia.

  3. I think I love the bright colors in Alisha too. It looks like such a happy stitch!

    "Babies spitting their dummies" gave me a pause ahaha. Are these pacifiers or the little lollipops?!

  4. Wow fantastic progress on everything, well done. Snow is looking fantastic! Belated Happy Star Wars Day to you also.

  5. Ah you have so many gorgeous bright stitches going on here! And Snow of course who is a bit darker - I remember seeing the kit on the GeckoRouge website. Glad you're still enjoying Alisha, she's so colourful.

  6. Beautiful progress! I love the bright colors in the feathers you are stitching. Good luck with your May progress.

  7. Great work on your WIPs this month. They all have such beautiful colours. I like the diagonal stitching, it must reduce column lines and seem quicker.

  8. Gorgeous work and great progress!

  9. I just love those flowers in Carnival Moon... It's funny how quickly the time between picking wips back up can jump to years lol ;)

  10. Beautiful stitching on all your projects =)

  11. Great progress Alicia! I just love how colorful Alisha. Carnival Moon looks awesome too.

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