Sunday, May 28, 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - May

Hi stunners

I know I'm late again but I really wanted to finish the page before posting so I can move onto another GG for June.

So here it is page 2 completed. And it is also one of my full year challenge goal for the HAED Bulletin Board. 

I got the new Samsung Galaxy 8+ phone too and look at the difference in clarity, I didn't add any effects either. Love the new phone. 

So 2 pages down - 154 to go!!!

For next GG I will be going back to Rose Zircon the gift for my sister.

Or I may start the Prince chart which I'm stitching for my BFF.

Plus I will work on my diamond paintingl. She has really been neglected.

That's it from me beautiful people. 
I'm on the long stretch of shifts at work so I'm not too hopeful of getting alot done in the next two weeks but I'm going to try.

I will able to check out all your blogs at least. I'm so behind but I'm looking forward to all your cross stitch adventures.

Hope life is being magical
xox Alicia


  1. Congrats on the page finish Alicia. It looks great. I love all of your projects.


  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month and congratulations on a page finish too!
    I like the fabric for Prince, at least you won't have to stitch all the background on him.

  3. Love the fabric for prince and can not wait to see the October one in your next post maybe. Congrats on your page finish to.

  4. Great work getting that page finished! Only a couple more to go haha! The new phone takes super crisp pictures, nice for capturing the bright oranges. Looking forward to seeing which one you work on for next month. Have fun at work, I hope you can squeeze in some stitching time.


  5. Congrats on the page finish Alicia! That piece will be finished in no time since you only have 154 pages to go! :) Looking forward to seeing what you work on next month... I am hoping for Prince!

  6. A great page finish - well done! Such lovely colours to stitch with.
    I love the purple fabric for Prince, what a wonderful tribute and gift for your friend this is going to be.

  7. Congrats on the page finish.

  8. Amazing stiching, I love all those lovely colors! they look stunning against the dark backround =)

  9. Well done on the page finish Alicia😊 I'm so behind with my BB goals. Can't believe how fast the year is going... That fabric is so perfect for the Prince Chart! You've made fantastic progress on your diamond painting too✨

  10. Everything looks great! Keep stitching :)

  11. Love the fabric for prince and can not wait to see the October one in your next post maybe. Congrats on your page finish to.



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