Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Very late GG for April

Hi Stunners 

I'm late again. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! 

This GG SAL I worked on 2 projects. My SS MC Masque of Love from HAED and my new Diamond Painting, Galaxy Girl. 

I hope everyone had a nice Easter break. I worked over most of it but I did manage a nice Sunday lunch with my parents and sister. After lunch we all pulled out our diamond painting. Well not dad, he had a nap.

This chart was a gift from Helvi - thank you again honey, and I bought all the materials from a shop on Ali Express. It's massive. Below is a very small partial page and almost completed full page. 

Ooh so shiny!!

And I still haven't managed to complete the 2nd page of Masque of Love. It's ironic that when I work on normal wips with 89 colours, I sometimes fudge it. If the colours are close enough and I can not be bothered threading a new colour for one stitch. But when it's for a Max Colours wip, in this case it's 239 colours, I don't fudge at all. And there are a million single stitches throughout it all. My thinking is that if I decided to pick the Max Colours version then I should put up with the confetti.

Which is why it's taking so so long. But in my defence I haven't had as much time to stitch this month. So I'm just over halfway on page 2. This chart was a gift from my beautiful sister.

Finishing point March GG SAL

That's all from me. For next GG SAL I will continue with these 2 projects until I finish the current pages.

Thanks again Jo for running this SAL.

Take care stunners, be good to yourselves and I hope that life is magical to you all!



  1. That's still a lot of progress on Masque of Love.

  2. I agree with Mini, you still managed to make very good progress on Masque of Love!!
    Diamond painting looks like so much fun... I dare not giving a go, to afraid to get hooked & give up on my little cross stitching ;)

  3. Lovely work on Galaxy DP =) I ordered my first supplies for a DP and I am already very excited about it ;-) I image Galaxy to be great with all the sparkle< =)

    Masque of Love is breathtaking, the yellow colors look stunning and I can't wait to see more of it =)

  4. Wonderful progress on both projects Alicia.


  5. Great to see all your projects and glad you got in for this months GG. Someone has to be last and I am glad it is not me this month. Good thing Jo keeps it open for a few weeks to let all of us busy people (slackers) get our updates in.

    I would love to hear your comments about the diamond painting compared to the cross stitch. I think it is a very interesting idea but am wondering if it will be too shiny, if the beads are difficult to lay straight or if you get a pixelled look. I am not sure that I am interested in doing one but I love that other people are starting them and they certainly look beautiful.

    Great work on both, I am excited to see the progress next month on both :)


  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month with several whole days to go before the end of the month!
    The diamond painting looks interesting and very pretty but as I can hardly cope with beading when the Small Boy is around I don't think my nerves could stand an entire thing made of tempting sparklies LOL
    Masque of Love is looking nice, you can see something appearing now!

  7. I'm a new follower to your blog. I came across it through Bloglovin. I love your projects. I relate so much to your "ironic" comment about being careful to change your threads when you're working so many colors. I am the same way with my large projects. Hope you don't mind me following along. Maybe I'll have to join a SAL's one of these days. It seems like a great way to meet new stitchers.

  8. Masque of Love looks amazing! It looks as if you are getting to am interesting bit now. What a stunning design.

    I love the chart that Helvi gifted you with, it's so pretty. Like others I'm not sure about the diamond painting - is it too fiddly/shiny - but it certainly makes for quick progress!

  9. Ooh so shiny and pretty! Masque of Love looks great and you did get in lots of stitches! How cool that you can craft with Mom AND Sister while your Dad takes a nap :) Looking forward to seeing your progress next month!

  10. ooo! So excited to see your start on Galaxy Girl! I hope you are enjoying the diamond painting. Love your Josephine Wall piece too :)

  11. Wow, Galaxy Girl is beautiful! So much shiny!

  12. Great progress on both projects

  13. Masque of Love looks amazing! It looks as if you are getting to am interesting bit now. What a stunning design.



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