Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June's Journey

Hi Stunners

This is what I got up to in June for my cross stitching journey.

I finally managed to finish the first page of Afterglow. This was such a fun stitch. I'm really looking forward to getting to those beautiful blues and purples in the sky. 

Afterglow - Charting Creations

Page 1 - completed

And here is Lost In You - which I started on the 6th May 2010 (gulp). I am aiming to finish page 3 and 4 by the end of July as this is a goal for the HAED Yearly bulletin board challenge. So I'm stitching them together. I would love to get the full row done by the end of the year though. 

Page 1 & 2 completed

Working on pages 3 & 4

And as from the previous post I finished page 5 on Galaxy Girl Diamond painting. 

It was also my birthday on the 25th June and I received so many beautiful wishes from family and friends, which was so greatly appreciated. But one of my favourites was from a colleague/friend who is currently in the US on holidays. Sally used her kids to make a legendary birthday pic. Oh man can you imagine trying to get 4 kids to stand still and hold up paper signs in the middle of Disneyland??!! Very cute! 

I joined the Gecko Rouge Fox Gloves Halloween SAL. This will be the last SAL I sign up for until I finish every SAL I have ever signed up for in the past. I'm so far behind on all of them, but I'm determined to keep up with this one. We get a page on the 15th of each month. So next time you see it, I will have at least both the first 2 boxes completed. 

And finally,  I have framed Spring to Life. I actually finished this wip years ago but have been slack about framing her. I painted the matting and my dad drew in the vines and butterflies. And I stuck on the flowers. I'm so proud of our little effort together. I'm so happy to actually have a cross stitch that's hanging on my wall. All the other finishes I've framed have been baby samplers and they are with the family I stitched it for.

Next on my framing agenda is QS Lovers, Faces of Faery 88 and I found my family in a book. These are my other 2017 goals. I have the frames but they are the ones I bought from Sew it all where you have to paint and decorate them yourselves. Which is actually fun so I don't know why I keep procrastinating. 

That's all stunners! I hope you are all well and that life is magical for you

xoxo Alicia


  1. Happy Birthday Alicia, hope you can enjoyed this past days of celebration :)
    I LOVE Lost in you, you're doing an amazing work in all your Wip's
    Wish you all the best

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you had an amazing day. Lovely progress on your pieces. Well done on your fantastic framing, looking forward to seeing the others.

  3. Happy birthday! I love both of the WIPS you've shared this month. So very different and must be fun to work on.

    Your framed piece is gorgeous! You did a great job. The mat is lovely, a nice collaboration with your dad.

    Now I'm off to look at that GeckoRouge SAL!

  4. Belated birthday wishes Alicia!!!
    Love this post with plenty of beautiful stitching.
    Afterglow is simply gorgeous and great teamwork on the framing, it does look fabulous. I'm rather curious about the GeckoRouge SAL, better go and have a look... if I sign in, I can blame you ;)

  5. Happy belated bday! I love all your WIP and can't wait to see the future progress!

  6. That's a real contrast between the bright colours in the first piece and the greys of the second.
    Love the Disney Birthday greetings, very clever.
    I also love the fabric for the Gecko Rouge Hallowe'en piece. I do hope you keep up with that as it intrigues me already!
    Your framing is awesome, great idea to decorate the frames too. Now get on with the rest of them LOL

  7. All your works look fabulous! And happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday. You always have something new to show us, I don't know how you do so many but I love your blog because of it. Where do you keep them all. Afterglow looks like fun. Happy stitching.

  9. Love your stitching! You are making a great progress :) Your framing looks amazing!

  10. Happy belated birthday to you =)
    Great work on your stitching and your framing work looks so beautiful =)

  11. My, my you have been a busy crafter! I just LOVE how the frame turned out, super cute!! That diamond painting seems to be going really fast and looks great. Two awesome pieces you are stitching in rotation and I love the colors in Afterglow. LOL about not joining anymore SALs; good luck with that!!


  12. Nice projects and wonderful stitching :)

  13. Wow lucky girl with all the charts, they look great. Lots more stitching in your future.

  14. OMG .... your progresses are so great and amazing beautiful . Love the PRINCE-project . Your Blog is created with so much love ... thanks for sharing .Hugs and kisses ... your Helvi

  15. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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