Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

Hi Stunners!

Sorry this is soooooo late, but Christmas Chaos ensued and I got totally lost in it. 

In saying that I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and for those of you lucky enough to have some time off..ENJOY!!! 

Just a short and sweet post today. I have a FINISH!! Okay before we break open the champas it's only a tiny one. This is my Elf Wine Apron that I made for a friend in the US. And it is only my second finish of the year. Yes it's been a bad year in stitches for this so called Crafty Princess.

I also finished page 2 of Arwen by Paine Free Crafts. And the little sparkling piggy needle minder was a gift from my awesome friend, Sharine of Charbella Stitching. So technically, I know it's tenuous this one counts for the GG SAL. Giggle.

2016 has been a tragic year. We have lost so many great souls, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Anton Yelchin, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and now this morning I found out that Debbie Reynolds passed away.
I am so grateful that this year is almost over. 

And to all my icons still alive, please stay safe and no more drugs, I can't take another loss. 

I am looking very forward to 2017 and I hope to be a better blogger, person, Princess and friend. Have a fantastic time in your New Year Celebrations.  I will see you all again in 2017. Take care my beautiful and talented friends, and remember Unicorns are real! 

xoxo Alicia


  1. Nice finish! And it's not the amount of finishes, it's how much you enjoyed stitching. :)

  2. I guess we all have enough of 2016 by now... Some time earlier this year I read about people who believe, that this year is not 2016 but 2018 because in the real 2016 was turned back to 2014 (big conspiracy stuff and so on) and when I read that I nearly fell of my chair laughing and now, at the end of 2016 I am like "ok, just turn the clocks back, give 2016 a chance not to screw things up completely... ;D
    I just hope that 2017 will be a better year ;-)

    I love your stitching on Arwen and the little piggy and that Elf looks soooo adorable! Oh my! Such a cute little finish!
    I am looking forward to read from you in 2017 and I am already excited about your new year start =)

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this year with only minimal reminders! Love your Elf/Gnome apron and the most shoe horniests of shoe horns to get Arwen into the post! Nice leaf and lovely colours too.
    Let's all hope 2017 is a better year for everyone.

  4. Lovely stitching, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome 2017!!! I'm looking forward to Guardian Angel SAL with you.

  5. Very cute apron and like you need to even point out that unicorns are real! Bring on 2017!

  6. Love your little Santa Bottle Apron. It's a great finish. It has been a very difficult 2016, here's to a wonderful 2017.

  7. I'm glad to see the back of this year too! Let's hope that 2017 brings a fresh start.
    Arwen is so pretty I'm glad you shoehorned her in - I love those deep calming blues. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch next year.

  8. I've been a bad blogger this year, so I've just been writing my targets, and one I have written is to be a better reader and blogger myself.
    I know what you mean about 2016, too many icons gone, there's only one or two more who could hit me harder than this year already has. I'm not naming them as I'm not tempting fate that hard

  9. Great finish Alicia and nice progress on Arwen.

    Happy New Year,

  10. Happy New Year! Cute little guy. Can not wait to see what you stitch in 2017!

  11. Love your cute finish! I think every page finish counts as a finish too, so add those in because they are a ton of stitches! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what you stitch up in 2017!! :)

  12. Great stitching I hope 2017 goes better for you!

  13. What a cute puppy! Sorry to hear about your friend's dog losing his sight; that has got to be hard on everyone. Butterfly Ball is looking awesome ;)



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