Friday, August 15, 2014

Wipocalypse #8

Hi Stunners!!

I'm BACK! Sorry for the long hiatus, I won't bore you with the details but it was pretty much due to house/dog sitting duties and a fiasco involving a staircase. Anyway I'm back now and the best thing about being holed up with an injury is that there was more time for stitching!

So here is what I have been working on: 

Firstly for my Wipocalypse piece Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf. I finished page 2 so that's 3 and 3/4 pages done.

My SAL #2 with the magnificent and talented Kim is Magical World by Igor Morski at Tilton Crafts. We will post on the first of every/other month. This is half of page 1 completed and is being worked on 28ct white linen 1 over 1. I can't wait to get across to that magical world!!! 

Another new start is Carnival Moon by the beautiful and very talented Aimee Stewart - HAED. This is a bit of a focus piece because I can't put it down. The colours are amazing to work with and every sttich reveals a bit of detail. It's mad! I love it. I'm stitching on Opal Turquiose Swirl 28ct from those lovely boys at Sew it all and working it 1 over 1. 

My beautiful and generous friends!

I was completely spoilt for my birthday by my awesome and very generous crafty friends. 

Mary Moore gifted me Enchanted and Santa's Workshop from Tilton Crafts!

Enchanted (Alena Klementeva)    Santas Workshop (Dowdle)

Margaret Hislop gifted me Vintage Toy store also from Tilton
Vintage Toy Store (Dowdle)

Witchfest another Tilton gem (this one was a gift from the Crafty Princess :>)
Witchfest (Dowdle) 

Nikki Northup RAK'd Awakening from one of my fav artists Enamorte (HAED). Dearest Nikki you know me so well. I love love love this chart!!!! 
Awakening EM

Angie, Mark and Charlie RAK'd  Esmerelda from Paine Free Crafts and if that wasn't enough sent me a Gift Voucher for Colour Cascade fabrics 

with which I bought the chart "I've been waiting for so long"

Kim Howe sent me a very generous Gift voucher for Colour cascade fabrics which I have ordered the fabric for "I've been waiting for so long" and some thread. New start here I come!!!

And Nina my lovely friend and the beautiful author of Pistellen-Stitching sent me a stunning Pink blingy key ring and bookmark set. And a large block of chocolate which I devoured straight away. Yummy! 

Thank you so much stunners I was so touched and humbled by your thoughtfulness. It totally made my birthday! Thank You Thank You!!


I have to apologise to you all for being so behind in catching up with all your blog posts. Due to the injury sustained by falling down said staircase I was forced to languish in my craft room and as the computer room is downstairs I had to use my phone for internet access and I hate reading/commenting on blogs from the phone. It just doesn't do your posts justice. So I will be spending the next few days solely and holy reading and commenting on blogs so I apologise if you get comments from me for posts almost 2 months old. It's okay if you don't reply as I will probably inundate you LOL!!

That's it for now stunners! I hope you have all been well and for my fellow Aussies that the Winter wasn't too harsh for you. 

Take care and be kind to yourselves.
Lots of love and hugs
Alicia xo


  1. Oh my gosh what a horde! Happy birthday!

  2. I hope you doing okay after your injury Alicia. Wonderful progress on all your projects. Love your new stash and Happy Birthday.


  3. No good my friend:( Beautiful progress as always. I love that Aimee Stewart chart. Love the detail on it!

  4. Love both your Aimee Stewarts! The detail in the Large Bookshelf is incredible. What lovely gifts you received. I have missed your updates! Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Nice to see you back! You've made loads of progress on these designs. But so many new ones too!! You really were spoiled for your Birthday. And you deserve to be :-)

  6. So sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you are well on the mend. Lovely progress on your stitching, some absolutely amazing working going on in the Crafty Princess House. Belated Happy Birthday, what lovely gifts you received.

  7. Beautiful stitching! and chart additions. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. So many pretties (I seem to be writing that a lot today).
    Love your progress, especially all the beautiful Aimee Stewarts

  9. The mystery's solved ;) You've made beautiful progress, I love your new stash too. Hopefully you're feeling better now! :)

  10. I wondered where you'd got to! Belated birthday greetings. You obviously had a fantastic day stoking your wonderful new stash! Your stitching is beautiful too and you've made great progress on them all. :)

  11. Oh no sweetie, I had no idea you'd hurt yourself! I hope that you are all recovered and feeling better now. I'm glad you got so many lovely things for your birthday and I'm pleased that you managed to find something nice to spend your voucher on!

    You've made some great progress on the bookcase and a fabulous start on Carnival Moon. I love the fact that you are drawn to charts with such bright colours!

  12. Happy birthday, lots of good charts you got. great new starts too.

  13. So many beautiful WIPs (with fantastic progress) and so many beautiful charts! I don't know where to look at at first because it all looks wonderful =) I hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday, and that a healthy and stitchy year lies ahead of you =)

  14. I love the new face of your Blog . I envy you for your talent to have so many wonderful charts in labor. Unfortunately, I can always just start one by one. I need the way, still your e-mail address .... I must also ensure that you do not get bored : )

  15. Lovely progress on your WIPS. Your new charts are gorgeous.

  16. Sorry to hear about your run in with the stairs! Hope you are back up and around. That was some pretty awesome stash you received for your birthday - I don't know which chart I love better! Looking forward to seeing some of them started soon.


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