Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Start Mania!

Hi stunners! 

Many apologies for the lateness of this blog and the lack of replies to comments from my previous post. I had computer catastrophes aka computer go BOOM! And even though I'm allowed to cross stitch whilst at work, I'm not allowed to update my blog....Go figure!

However, new computer has been purchased and set up so life is good again for blogging even with having to learn Windows 8 which I don't think is as user friendly as the previous versions. But I digress as usual...

A big welcome to A bit of Thread and Heather Cartwright, and thank you for your followship. I hope you enjoy my lunacy for all things cross stitch!

I have put up a link to Bloglovin as I believe Google reader will become extinct soon or something! So I have transferred all your blogs to bloglovin so I can still keep up with all your amazing work. There are many readers you can use but I just like the one that had "lovin" in it. 

As the title suggests I have spent the last month or so starting quite a few BAP's that I just didn't have the resistance to wait for a finish to get onto them soooo here goes:

Spiders Queen - Little Fairy Art (HAED)

Absolutely love love love working with all the vibrant orange in her hair. As with everything HAED theres about 10 shades of orange so far and it's only the 20th row on the first page! I'm stitching her on 18ct white Aida. So she is going to end up being quite a huge lady.

The photo really doesn't show up how bright the colours are but it's like using the sun for thread...

A Coign of Vantage - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema (HAED)

Heaven and Earth Designs

Golden Kite

This is my comparison project. I'm completing this chart as charted by Golden Kite using blended threads and also by HAED using just solid colours. Both are being stitched on 18ct white Aida. 

The arrival of Guests, Venice - George Jules Victor Clairin (Golden Kite)

This is my biggest project ever! It's 999 x 607 stitches. One row is 21 pages!! I'm working it on Antique White 20ct evenweave 2 over 1, which will make it a whopping 49" x 30". It boasts 200 total colours in which 83 are solid and 117 are blended!! Fabby is from the lovely boys at Sew it all. It's the first time using 20ct and it's quite dreamy to stitch on. 

An Evening of Romance - Robert Finale (Tilton Crafts)

This is my first Tilton Craft Chart and I'm enjoying it so far. It's being stitched on Sky Blue 20ct evenweave 2 over 1 stitches and only uses solid colours.

Vampire Red - Maxine Gadd (Mystic Stitch)



This was my very first BAP before I discovered HAED. I bought it as a kit from an online store in Oz. The kit came with 18ct white Aida and so I just used it as I had no idea about fabrics, never even heard of hand dyed evenweave and thought fabric came in either 14 or 18ct!!! I got as far as almost completing 2 rows (8 pages) when I discovered other cross stitch sites and then the stash enhancement and multiple starts began!!! So this project was abandoned for a while and I didn't store it as carefully as I should have and some of the white thread (which was a generic brand of DMC that came with the kit) used on her face became discoloured. 

I suppose I could have cleaned it but I was always unhappy with the coverage of the darker background and in her hair. There was so much white show through. So I decided to do a restart on a higher count. She is now being worked on 22ct white Hardanger and I'm so much happier with the coverage. The detail will really come through now.

I also worked on my current wips as well and managed a page finish. Guardian Angel is now 2 pages down!

QS Theatre of the Absurd also received some attention. I couldn't wait to get to the lovely purples and pinks of the performer so instead of doing the usual organised column by column I decided to just stitch the bits I like. So I just picked a random block of 400 and stitched it. 

As most of you stunning followers are aware, HAED is currnetly having a 45% Mothers Day sale. So of course there is some stash enhancement for the Crafty Princess. Not shocked are you?

QS April Fairy
QS April Fairy - Hannah Lynn

QS Alice Series
QS Alice Series - Hannah Lynn

The Butterfly Ball
The Butterfly Ball - Aimee Stewart
The Illusionists
The Illusionists - Bec Winnel

Baby Grand
Baby Grand - Andy Russell

Blue Moon
Blue Moon - Andy Russell

The Illusionists and the Andy Russell charts were last minute decisions. I've always loved both these artists and I finally took the plunge and bought them. I couldn't decide between Blue Moon and Baby Grand so - well you know how it goes.  My only wish is that the piano wasn't that drab brown colour but once stitched it may look alot brighter! 

Take care my stunning followers and guest stars to my blog.
I wish you all a very happy month of May!

xoxo Alicia 


  1. I just almost sprung for Butterfly Ball myself! I'll have to watch your progress and see how it goes!

  2. Lovely work, as always! Is Butterfly Ball a new pattern from HAED? I'm currently doing Foxglove Ball, but didn't realize Butterfly was available. Sa-weeet!

    1. Yep Annie it's only a recent addition. I love Foxglove Ball too, I will have to check out your wips!

  3. Just recently discovered your blog, but I already love it. And all of your WIPS / stash enhancements. Definitely makes me want to simply hand over my credit card and stuff my stash full! : ) Vampire Redd looks wicked cool and I can't wait to see it all stitched up! Now I've got to run - HAED stash additions are needed. Well... because. You understand.

  4. Oh wow, all your projects look amazing! You're really tempting me with the Spider Queen - I love bright orange, especially in floss! I don't know why... all your stash is great, too! I put those Alice designs on layaway :D

  5. Excellent progress on your WIPs and love the new stash enhancement x

  6. Wow!! You have some gorgeous charts that your working on. I can't believe your working on that many large designs all the time. They all look great. Your stitching is amazing.


  7. So many beautiful wips. I remember when I first started stitching and didn't know aida came in anything but white so stitched a background black lol. Great new charts as well:)

  8. Hi Alicia, you did not disappointed my waiting. Absolutely stunning! I believe that stitching Golden Kite's project is pretty a nightmare to all of the stitchers, huge and yet requiring a lot of threads and patience. But you did very well. Love the comparison stitching between HAED and GK. Cant wait to see more of it.

  9. Oh wow, I don't know what to say! :D Your new charts of Hannah's are truly gorgeus (and on my must have-list). I'm pondering whether I should start one of them (there's a tight race between one of the Alice series, not a particular one, and QS April Fairy) or should I start a mini. As I haven't stitched any yet. But my new start will be somewhat summer/autumn, so I'll have plenty of time to make a decision. All of your wip's look great, but must say I really love all the oranges in Spiders Queen hair! They are so vibrant. And your fabby choice for QS Theatre is amazing, must be a truly joy to stitch! :) I'll get back to you once everything settles down.

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  11. Oh I love your new starts! I especially love to see the difference between the GK project and the same design as a Haed Project ;-)
    Your stitching is just as lovely as your new stash =) Butterfly Ball is so wonderful =)

  12. You have so much on QS Theatre of the Absurd stitched its unbelievable; my dragon should get more attention than it is getting (though I absolutely hate count 22 - the little squares just refuse to stay in place). Nice enhancements, I have been tempted by the sale too and own a few new charts (almost bought the Alice series too - but for next time).

  13. That is some amount of new starts! I love them all though and I can't wait to see how they shape up :)

    I love the new stash enhancement! I bought April Fairy myself, it's too pretty to resist! Butterfly ball is gorgeous too! I like the others but they are my fav's!

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your progress soon, you have no excuse now that you have a spangly new PC!

  14. That blows about the computer. :( I know what you mean about Windows 8. I don't like it either. It's on the PC at work and I hardly use it unless I absolutely have to.

    Stitching is looking great! How you can have so many BAPs going at once, blows my mind.

  15. Love love love all your BAPS! I am curious as to how the comparison goes between haed and golden kites charts go. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

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  17. Love all of your wip's. Congrats on the great new charts too!

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  19. I always love your blog, there are so many pretty things to see.
    I got the QS Alice Series in the last sale, although goodness knows when I'll get round to starting it.
    How are you getting on with your Golden Kite chart? I've always been a little intimidated by them, but some of them are so pretty!

  20. Hi! I have a surprise for you in my blog :)

  21. Oh my, my, all this eye candy!:)
    All your projects are gorgeous. And I applaud you for restarting the Maxine Gadd. Love her designs, but I don't think I would have the heart to restart it after having stitched so much already.
    Really looking forward to see the differences between the HAED and the GK.


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