Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IHSW October - I'm still here!!!

Helllooooo Stunners!!!

Wow this has been the longest I've been MIA. Have been absolutely flat out with life, love, friends, work and of course STITCHING!!!! But somehow couldn't manage the time to blog. I've tried to keep up with everyone though and I've witnessed some very impressive work. Good going stunners!

Firstly welcome to my new followers Agi, Inga, Little Miss Stitchy Stitch, Mii Stitch and Alina. Thank you for taking an interest in my little corner of the blog world. I hope I keep it interesting for you.

Ok I'm just going to launch straight into my progress since my last blog which was a back in August (OMG!!)

QS Lovers

I worked on this one for the IHSW and managed to finish page 3. Only 1 partial page left to go. Hopefully the lovers will be finished by the end of the day. YAY!! My lovers will be my second HAED finish. (Only 200 charts to go, fist pump!) 

Golden Wood

This is the first column completed which equals 3 pages. I'm pretty stoked that I have finished my first lady. Will need to complete 6 more pages to reach the halfway point and also fulfill my end of year goal. Hmmm will give it a go!

QS Fragile Heart 

Awesome she can almost see!

I've also being working on Vanity, Faery Ball and Faery2 but will wait till there is substantial progress on them before posting a pic. As I'm working across the entire rows for these even though I've put in thousands of stitches it just looks like a minute difference. I will post every 20 or so row completions.

Now for the STASH!!!! 

The first 3 were bought during the HAED appreciation week. I also bought 2 charts for 2 friends so they could appreciate HAED addiction hee hee!!

Catch The Stars
Lee Anne Seed Lights Collection2007 - Catch the stars

Mini Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie
Hannah Lynn - Mini Little Miss Deelilsh and Sweet Treats Trixie

Waiting For Neptune
Linda Ravenscroft - Waiting for Neptune

These babies were purchased during the Halloween sale (which is still on - go for it stunners bwah hah hah HAH!)

Jacek Yerka is a relatively new artist to HAED and I love his quirky and imaginative work. The four seasons (when finished of course) will be hung in accordance of the season I'm experiencing at the time, it will be like 4 pics in one. Pretty cool!

As for Boudoir - I love, love, love it. It reminds me of me.  Just like my mind it's all over the place, upside down, things defying gravity (like my boobies hee hee) but somehow it all makes sense, well perhaps only to me but it works! I'm thinking of making a start on it in November. 

Four Seasons
Four Seasons - Jacek Yerka

Boudoir - Jacek Yerka

and for the creme de la creme of stash enhancement

Mrs Dibble bought this lovely chart for me. 

Squeal Screech Eek

It's like all my favourite things in one - pink, shoes and flowers
all it needs is a bit of Singapore Chilli Crab for taste and voila a veritable Princess masterpiece!!!!

QS Salvatore - Michel Tcherevkoff

Michele Sayetta has advised in the HAED newsletter that she is going to release a new Tcherevkoff and it's basically the companion shoe flower of this one, so I'll be getting that one too. I hope it's released during the sale - hint hint there Ms. Sayetta! LOL!

This one's for Jo who can't think of a clever nickname fame. Months ago Jo nominated me for answering 11 questions, which I piked out on. But she asked me so very nicely to answer at least one of them as she had an answer in mind.

The question: Which actress would play you in the movie about you?

Answer: I've pondered for ages on this - it's actually a hard question. But after some thought and help from my friends I've narrowed it down to 3.

It would be either:

1) Zooey Deschanel (for her quirky, zany, awkward and dry sense of humour.

2) Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family) - because she is very beautiful (just like me) but mostly because she is so very fiery and cracks it whenever someone crosses her.

3) Krysten Ritter - mostly due to her role as Patty in the movie "She's out of my league. She has my sense of humour, with her dry sarcastic retorts. 

Plus we all have dark hair!

So Jo let me know which actress you had in mind. I'm very intrigued.

Ok my lovely gorgeous stunners that's for now.

As a tribute to Jo - I would love to hear your answers to that question too. 

Who would be cast to play you in a movie???

Can't wait to hear your answers!!

Take care everyone, I hope you all had a good IHSW and have a fantabulous stitchylicious week. xoxo Alicia


  1. Awesome stitching. Great new charts( I brought Miss Deelish for Charlotte when she came out). Not to sure who would want to play me in a movie:)

  2. Wow, pretty impressive progress on your stitching!!! I love the new charts too!!!

  3. Great stitching progress and lovely new stash. Also couldn't say who would play me in a movie.

  4. Was missing your posts, glad your back, your stitching is awesome, Strawberry Beach is my favorite Yerka, I was so happy when I saw it charted. For Sure I would want Susan Sarandon, always have - Just love her.

    1. Good choice. She is awesome. I'm sure she would play you well and do you proud. Strawberry beach is fantastic too. I love his whimsy. Xoxox

  5. Great stitching and lovely progress. Glad you're back.

  6. Beautiful progress and yay for new stash!

  7. Mhm who I would like to play me.... Mhm... I Really I'm not really watching movies...

    But it is wonderful to hear from you again! I missed you stitching updates =)
    You made amazing progress and you new stash =) (how long is it until you are past the 1000 charts?)
    I hope to hear more about your stitching, soon =)

  8. Well, if being silent for so long means we get to see lots of WIPs and massive progress, then I guess we can deal with your absence. ;) They look so awesome!!

    Nice stash, looking forward to those being stitched up too. ;)

  9. Missed your posts, great progress.x

  10. Mmm! Lovely charts! Congrats on the new stash :D
    And your progress is stunning - wish my Lovers was that far along!

  11. all those charts, love them, i have been so good even with he sale, keep looking at them but i am saving for a new frame so none for me this time, , i love Sofia Vergara she makes me laugh in modern family my favourtie cast member by far

  12. Oh dear! I was basing my idea of the fact that your blog header is you ie blonde!! So I always have the voice of Alicia Silverstone reading your posts aloud to me LOL.

    I can see the same quirky smile in her that the other three have in their picture. And I've just found out she was in a film with Krysten Ritter so that kind of counts!

    Who would play me? Cher circa 1980 in the Dead Ringer for Love video!! I'd love her wardrobe too. Not just in that video but in all her films and videos (and real life). I've also been told I look like Amy Winehouse (by someone too young to know who Cher is!)

  13. Sorry, I have just about now time to catch up with blogs. But I really love all the progress you've made, WOW! Especially Golden Wood has now got my attention, it looks really fantastic. And you'll be done with Fragile Heart in no time, just keep up the good work :)

    I bought Yerka's Bathyscaphe in the last sale. It would be awesome to do SAL together, although they are different charts, but the theme is so similar. Mine is so ascetic (well, that's probably me) and yours so luxury (*hint, hint* ;) ). And you should really start that Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL, it stitches up really quickly, at least compared to HAEDs), so you could catch up.


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