Thursday, February 9, 2012

~WIPocalypse and a Happy Princess~

Hey there stunners!

Welcome to my lovely new followers Shazzump, the two Christine's, Rachel, Summer and Borduur! Thanx for taking the time and I hope you enjoy the journey! Destination to be advised though hee hee!

Well it's the second coming of the WIPocalypse and I haven't achieved as much as I would have liked but I did come to a realisation. My WIPocalypse goals were a tad too adventurous. There was no way that I could stitch 680 stitches on Faery 2 plus keep up with the HAED Freebie SAL, work on the Wips in my rotation and eat, sleep, go to work, the gym, play any video games or see any of my friends! Something had to give!

So I have halved the Faery 2 stitches per day to a more manageable 340 and the Freebie SAL to 100 per day. This way I still had at least 6 hours or so in a day to work on the projects in the rotation or do other fun stuff.

I reworked the goals only a week ago so not much to see on Faery but I've made a good start on QS Lovers by Nene Thomas. I have kept up with the required 100 per day. So one goal achieved - awwesommmme!!!

Progress as of 1st February

My rotation piece for this week is Selina Fenech's "L" Sampler letter. This is where I am at the start of the week. Yeah I know it's Thursday but I start my rotation's on Friday to coincide with HAED weekly SAL. That way if the piece in my rotation fits that weeks theme I can join in on that too.  For some reason SAL's always make me stitch more. I really like the thought that we are all working away on our individual projects yet come together from all over the globe to joy ride on the same luxurious cruise liner ( hey I am a Princess, to use the word boat seems so peasant like LOL!!)

It will eventually spell LOVE! Cos that's all that matters in life.  I want to wake up to a reminder every morning (or night depending on what shift I'm on) seeing this cross stitch to remind me that nothing is as important in my life as love. Not just in the receiving but more in the giving. I see it everywhere in my life and it's so cool!

Rotation piece for this week - L

I have a work project as well which I have added to my goals. This is a project that I only stitch whilst at work. Mrs. Dibble, Aunty Nene and I have an awesome job where we do 12 hour shifts approx 3-4 shifts per week on a 24 hour rotational roster. As we work in an emergency service radio room we have down time especially between 2am and home time at 7am. So if we can manage to keep our eyes open we are allowed to work on our cross stitches.

So I will be working on the Jungle Babies Birth sampler for my work colleague Blair who had a baby recently (Well 4 months ago so I had better get some kind of firework under my bottom). I think it was a girl, good lord I had better find that out. Here is where I am up to so far with that one....hmm not good Princess not good.

Jungle babies

The reason I am a happy Princess as the title indicates is that I have been consistent in one thing which was one of my NYE resolutions. That being to go to the gym on a regular basis. With the help of my personal trainer Tim I have managed to lose 10 kilos since the start of the year. YAY!!!!

Still can't believe I pay a 19 year old boy to stand there for half an hour and tell me to climb invisible mountains, row across invisible seas and lift heavy balls above my head. But it's all worth it in the end. I feel great and when I'm sitting and cross stitching for hours I don't feel any guilt. Plus guilt is a waste of energy. I'd rather put that energy into feeling awesome and blissfully happy. So I ensure that I am always on that feeling frequency of happiness, no matter what I am doing. It's life changing!

That's all for this week. I will post again in a week with my progress.

Quote for the week

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.  ~Danny Kaye

I wish you all every happiness this week and I hope that at least one thing happens in your life that makes you awestruck. Let me know!

Go for it stunners and have fun!

Love Alicia


  1. Lookin good! I know the feeling, not enough hours to do all the things you want/should/must..
    Congrats on the weightloss!

  2. Hey Princess you stunner! Great news about the gym! Any pics of that trainer of yours?? *Wink Wink* well done on all your work, they all look fab!

  3. Loving all your progress, and quite jealous of a job where you can stitch at work. I dread to think what my boss would do if I did... and that's not taking in to account what he's say about the fact that I stitch, I've already had him dancing round the office when he discovered I like folkmusic!

  4. Great progress! Getting excited to see Faery 2's progress! xx

  5. Oh my goodness, look at all your HAED pieces! :) I'm so impressed!! One day I want to figure out the whole process of stitching and leaving the threads there for the next row, like you're doing......I just haven't figured it out! Great progress!!

  6. They look great! I had a personal trainer for a while. It was a really good experience and I'm glad you've decided to try it out :) Go out there and feel great!

  7. Gorgeous stitching - so jealous of the time you get to spend stitching. Congratulations on the weight loss too!

  8. Great job on both the stitching and the weight loss!! I love your blog :) You inspire me to work harder on my HAEDs!!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss and good job on the cross-stitch. Always nice when you can stitch at work. I get a little bit of time on breaks but not much.

  10. Many cool projects including your exercise program! I love that Danny Kaye quote! It does seem to work with your delightful attitude!

  11. I just love your stitching =) =)
    It's great to hear that you managed to lose so much weight, congratulations!!! =) =) =)

  12. Way to go lovie, congrats on the weight loss and maintaining the gym visits...legendary. Glad you have adjusted your Wyca whatsa me call it goals....660 stitches or whatever you originally set seem way to high..even if we can stitch at work lol. Take care and looking forward to seeing you later to pick up your Nordic Needle stash. xxx

  13. You've made a great progress :) Can't wait to see your progress on Faery 2, it really makes sense not pushing yourself too hard. And congrats losing so much weight! You should be really proud of yourself.

    By the way, you've got an e-mail ;)


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