Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Stunners!

I managed to complete Page 1 of Fragile Heart on Valentine's Day weirdly enough. Not that I have a fragile heart or anything.

Fragile Heart - progress as of V Day!

I received an awesome Valentine's gift.  TWELVE new charts from the HAED website for their Valentine's Day sale. How lucky am I? And I hear you asking what thoughtful person would give me such a wondrous gift??? Well ME of course. 

I just couldn't help but reward me for my friendship to myself. I always feed me when I'm hungry, provide beverages when I'm thirsty, I know just what I'm thinking and going to say next, I always make sure I have fun things planned for me to do everyday, I enjoy the same movies, music, games and books as myself. And most importantly I'm obsessed with craft just like me! So therefore had to give myself the kind of Valentine's day gift that I would have loved to receive. Makes sense??? Well it does to me and I did warn you as stated above - I am a lunatic!!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

Happy stitching and always have fun in whatever you are doing!

Going to do a bit of stitching on Emerald Forest before making myself a beautiful meal for me. I hope myself can make it as I've got enough ingredients to feed an army not to mention a few bottles of champas - Yum!

xo Alicia


  1. I got a great laugh about your Valentine's gift :D She looks gorgeus, luckily soon is March so we get the second page!

  2. Best Valentine Day present ever!

  3. LOL!! Sounds like you and yourself have an amazing relationship! :)

    Great progress!
    It looks amazing with all the thick black lines. The pink really pops!

    Happy Stitching

  4. Thanx guys! Yeah I can't wait till March as well to get the second page. It is my most favourite chart to work on atm and it's a bit frustrating because I want to continue on her. But at least it gives me a chance to catch up with other wips. Thanx for reading and commenting. Happy days to you all! xo Alicia

  5. And yes, me myself and I make an awesome trio. Always looking out for one another and technically if there is 3 of us it means 3 more the allowable wips and charts purchased. Yea I like that think I'll run with that delusion! LOL!


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